Libroshare U.S. was founded in late 2015 with the goal of bringing books to American youth without easy access to them otherwise. We distribute our books between schools in the Bay Area. To date, we have collected redistributed over 300 paper books and magazines from donors across the Bay Area. We have also provided access to thousands of ebooks, shared with schools across the Bay Area. We try to collect books that students will enjoy reading, so we do take requests from schools that we distribute to; please contact us if you have any such book that students are requesting, and we will do our best to collect it. We have donation bins and drives set up at Monte Vista High School, Dougherty Valley High School, and California High School. If you would like to donate some books, please drop your books off at one of those locations, or contact us for a direct pick-up.


Some of the Books and Magazines We've Collected


Libroshare Digital Library


Libroshare US also collects ebooks to share with schools across the country. We host over 3300 different titles as a part of the Libroshare Digital Library, a public collection of books that is available for viewing upon request. Please contact us at libroshareus@gmail.com if you are interested in joining us. To date, we've provided access to over 30 different schools across the country.

Some of our books from the  Goosebumps  series

Some of our books from the Goosebumps series