Ethan Chang

Founder of Libroshare

Monte Vista High School

"I still remember the time when I used to live in Macau and Shanghai, where English learning materials are limited due to the government's prevention of westernization. My classmates and I would value our English Books as they are weight in gold. Until now, I still weight the right to knowledge, education, and books as gold. When I moved to California in my High School freshman year, I received the greatest gift in my life: freedom. Libroshare to me is more than just a non-profit, it's my way to thank our society"





Eric Zhou

Co-founder of Libroshare

Stanford University

"Throughout my life in California, my American dream is becoming an entrepreneur. With the wide net of connection with many foreign countries and companies, Librashare is the ideal place for me to not only becoming an entrepreneur, but someone even better: a social entrepreneur"