As society evolves toward a new age of mobile technology, old textbooks, novels, and magazines are abandoned to sit in garages for years or decades on end. For those who own devices that can access online books, physical books are a heavy and useless waste of paper.

The Problem

In some parts of the world, however, many never have a chance to read a book at all. Far from using electronic devices to read, even having a paper copy of a book is a dream to many. Children living in rural and poverty-stricken areas have little if anything to read. In China, for instance, youth treat their books as treasures, wrapping them in paper to protect their binding and building book shelves by hand to hold them. The ability to read is as uniquely human as anything else; that some aren't able to access books is a major issue that must be addressed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give everybody who wishes to read the ability to do so. Book by book, magazine by magazine, page by page, we hope to spread our love for reading with people all across the world who currently can't afford to do so. 

Our Accomplishments

To date, we have shipped over one thousand English books to cities all across the world, including Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Mexico City. We also provide magazines and newspapers to schools in Oakland, California, to promote civic literacy. We also provide access to thousands more eBooks via online sharing methods, to make sure that everyone can access all of our books whenever they wish.

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to love reading. I commend Libroshare for pursuing this ideal.
— -Alfred Chang, the Vice President of Ctrip